Research on the Construction of the Required Courses for the Master of Tourism Management

The Master of Tourism Management (MTA for short), with professional code custom parking signs australia of 1254, is a kind of professional degree education in China. Nine core compulsory courses have been stipulated in the Guiding Training Plan for Postgraduates with Master’s Degree in Tourism Management (2011) formulated by China’s MTA Education Steering Committee, including Tourism Planning and Strategy (Table 1).

As a required course for the Master of Tourism Management, Tourism Planning and Strategy focuses on highlighting tourism planning and tourism strategy, generally including:

• New situation, new ideas, new ideas of tourism planning, and the latest trends of tourism planning introduction at home and abroad.

• The core principles and methods of tourism planning.

• Procedures and methods of tourism resource investigation and evaluation, tourism market analysis and positioning, tourism product planning and tourism project design, tourism image positioning and tourism market development.

• Conceptual planning, general tourism planning, detailed tourism planning and other cases of tourism planning in different depths.

• Analysis of different types of tourism planning cases, such as tourism development planning, tourism development planning, and special tourism planning.