We rigorously tested all of the top ebook reading platforms for kids to find the best one

Reading is the key that unlocks learning. But all too often kids’ international journal potential love of reading gets ground to dust during the process of reading and literacy development — this can be especially true for kids who need extra support. These frustrations can snowball, transforming books from magical escapes into mountains to climb. And now with YouTube or Minecraft just a tap away, books have the odds stacked against them.

All of this is to say: digital library apps need to be really, really good. They’ve got to have compelling content, offer a frustration-free reading experience, and support features that make reading more accessible and delightful than a paperback. We think our choices below meet, and may even exceed, this criteria — they have the potential to get kids hooked on books and build lifelong habits.

To this end, Epic! also recommends books by age as well as interest. Teachers can assign kids specific books, or even just set general themes students will like, then leave the choosing up to them. These recommendations improve as students rate and review the books they’ve read — one of Epic!’s cooler features.