Why not to use word press or drupal for my business website

Every once in a while a customer will ask me what kind of platform we use to create our projects and the answer is always the same, “We do not use any platform to create any of our projects” and normally the question that follows is: “Why not to use WordPress”?

The issue in question normally comes when those samasitu had contacted our competition and talked to them about what they use and how their implementations are made. Most of the companies that create and handle website design today had to decide on how to create their work the easiest and most cost effective for them, this does not mean they charge less for their work but it certainly means less work for them.

Let me explain:
We have no particular problems agains WordPress, Drupal, Magento or Open Cart – these systems do exactly what they are suppose to do and,to be fair, they do a great job at it. The problem comes with your project and the company you selected to create it. If you want a blog to write about anything that comes to your mind WordPress and Drupal will work perfectly for you, the same if you want to create an experimental shopping card as a place where you can set a few products and see what will the response of your clients be, here I’ll say grab a copy of Magento or Open Cart or any other e-commerce software available online and go for it.

Now if you are looking to create your company website, something professional, good looking, secure and stable, I will never ever recommend these softwares for it. While these products handle a great chunk of Internet they are mostly over-used and implemented into areas they shouldn’t.

Price vs Security and Stability.
Now you will think that maybe using one of these companies that uses free software to create your project will save you money and that is something to take into consideration. As I explained before most of our competition uses and implement these free software on their clients project but that does not mean you’ll save money just because it is easier for them to create your project. Based on a research made from our finance department less than a month ago, any company using these pre-made platforms to create their projects will charge from 50% to 100% more than what we charge for it.

Doesn’t sound so good right? Well, that is the crude reality of how the market is handled by many companies with very little knowledge on coding, and as in any other market (I guess…). These companies will charge as much as they can for the same job, no matter the size of the job or what you expect to use this project for, the solution will be always the same with a few plugins added to it to make you happy.

Did you mention security?
Yes I did, and this is just one little example of my statement; just a few days ago something that have the potential of changing the status of an entire country happened, I’m referring to the Panama Papers Breach Issue, I’m sure you heard about it…The Panama Papers breach is the largest data leak in history by a wide margin, with 2.6 terabytes of data, 11.5 million documents, and more than 214,000 shell companies exposed.

Based on research outdated, versions of Word Press and Drupal are being blamed for allowing hackers to get into all the publicized information we all know about today. In this article wptavern.com talks about the issue and the research made to backup their statements, also here is a discussion on slashdot.com where you can check more about this problems.

Besides the Panama Papers scandal there are many… many examples online of hacked websites and data breaches because of Word Press, Drupal, Magento, Open Cart and more of this kinda of software.